The Holy Prophet (SAW) said:
"The one who builds a Mosque for Allah's pleasure alone, Allah builds a house for him in Paradise". (Bukhari and Muslim)

Please donate as much as you can to enable WIMMT to cater for the ever growing needs of our Muslim community. In particular, the Management Committee has recently committed itself to several projects:

Improve Arabic Teaching – We are looking to employ several Qaris from Egypt to come and assist with the teaching of Arabic. This will significantly enhance the quality of Arabic being taught and will ensure that correct pronunciation is being used in the recitation of the Holy Quran. The introduction of the Qaris will mean that the Mosques will be faced with a significant increase in financial costs, which the Mosque simply cannot sustain. We will be looking to introduce tuition fees for the daily Arabic classes, but we want to keep these fees to a minimum.

Set up a youth club with library – We need to nurture our youth carefully and ensure we equip them, both physically and mentally, to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. We need to provide them with recreational activities in a safe Islamic environment, whereby we can understand their needs and concerns but whereby we can also speak to them and address the dangers of drugs & alcohol, keeping bad company etc. A site in Totteridge has been identified for this purpose, but will take significant investment so we can get it up and running.

So please support us so we can support those that are most vulnerable in our community. You can complete either of the attached Standing Order forms and then please return to the Secretary at Jubilee Road Mosque or you can simply make a payment direct into the following bank account:

Bank Name: Lloyds TSB

Sort Code: 30-94-28

Account Number: 01766906

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